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The Hogarth Workshop

FiGGJiGG | End Sections

FiGGJiGG | End Sections

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 End add ons currently available

  • RL End CapsTermination ends for your wall mounts
  • Corner Section - Go Around corners in style! 
  • RL 3 Tired EndsBuild a custom 3 tiered display! 

Designed exclusively by 'The Hogarth Workshop'

  • Platforms all connect together so go as long as you want.
  • End caps provide a nice finished edge to your size, and are removable at any time.
  • Platforms all come with self adhesive dots that hold very well to most smooth surfaces.
  • Platform sections are used for attaching to wall OR attaching to our Tiered pieces to make a 2 or 3 tiered stand in your desired length using the middle tiered extenders. 
  • More upgrades coming, with personalisation options and much more! 
  • Go around corners with the corner piece - It looks SO cool! 
  • As we are a bespoke 3D print shop, depending on demand we are flexible in custom prints and designs so there is also possibility to expand here for commissions.
  • All Starter packs come in White or Black only! As we are a small business we feel this is the best way to bring value to our customers and availability with stock! 

==Self Adhesive==
If you've moved your FiGGjIGG to much and cleaning it doesn't seem to be as effective as it once was, then simply purchase our Adhesive pack.

Please note that like any semi permanent adhesive solution we can not guarentee they can be removed from walls without peeling paint etc. Also as many variations such as heat/weather climate we cannot guarantee they will hold forever, therefore we do offer replacement adhesive strips at cost price for piece of mind!

We have designed this to be adaptable to your needs, and growth of Mini Figure collections. So everyone of the straight platform connecters will fit together, you can order straights in different colours and make multicoloured platforms if you have the need.

This means you can have an infinitly long platform, and because we have now released our corner section, you can even make it go around the corner! (Hint, a Platform Starter Kit and a corner piece makes for a great corner display!!)

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