The Worlds First 3D Printed Plaques

Hey everyone,


At The Hogarth Workshop, our celebrated Personalised Blue Plaque stands as a hallmark of innovative design and artisanal skill. Our journey began in 2016, crafting 3D printed plaques for friends and family to commemorate life's special moments. Encouraged by their admiration, we ventured online, giving birth to

We are honored to be pioneers in bringing these custom plaques to the market. They have since become a beloved feature among our discerning clientele.

Our Blue Plaques are the fruits of devoted care and precision. Each piece is meticulously designed by hand, and packaged with the utmost care. With over eight years of refining our 3D printing techniques, we ensure that the quality of every plaque is unrivaled, featuring intricate text and a distinctive top surface finish that truly sets our work apart.

We don’t just value precision; we celebrate it. Should you desire a proof, simply request it with your order, and we will diligently collaborate with you to bring your vision to life with exactness.

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