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The Hogarth Workshop

Wall Mount for LEGO Brickheadz

Wall Mount for LEGO Brickheadz

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Introducing the Hexagon Wall Mount for Brickheadz – A Masterpiece of Design and Functionality from The Hogarth Workshop

Embrace elegance and showcase your cherished Brickheadz in style with our exclusively designed Hexagon Wall Mount. Crafted with precision in our workshop, this custom wall mount merges functionality with aesthetic appeal, allowing you to display your Brickheadz like never before

*Note we no longer offer personalised versions due to demand. 

Choose Your Perfect Fit:

  • Wall Mount Type: Select between the Screw section or Standard.
  • Colour: Currently available in White/Black with 'RED' number coloring.

What's New and Improved:

  • Front Slide-On Design: Even Balrog-sized Brickheadz with full tails fit easily without altering appearance.
  • Screw Hole Option: Select the screw hole feature; now placed at the bottom to stay hidden behind the Brickheadz (I've left the option for top screw if you desire) 
  • Easy Expansion: Add more sections, use a 6mm drill bit, and 6mm wall plug for installation on the screw sections.

Important Notess

  • Colour Matching: While we strive for consistent coloring, shades may vary over time. Reach out for custom designs or colors - We will include the brand and colour of the material we used to produce when you order, so you can quote in future if you need too. 
  • LEGO (TM) Is a registered trademark of LEGO, we have no affiliation with LEGO. Images used include original BrickHeadz for illustration reasons only and fall within fair use. 


Width – 161mm
Height -  147mm
Depth – 62mm (from wall to front of the extending platform.)

Your Custom Design Workshop: We specialize in 3D printing and work closely with you on ideas or improvements. Email us at '' for inquiries or custom requests.

Disclaimer: Not a Toy
This is a decorative item. Not intended for play; it is not a toy. Unsuitable for children. Usage is for decorative purposes only and at owner's risk.

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